DIY Desktop-Sized PCB Milling Machine

On the hardware end, the Compact PCB Maker is outfitted with a series of bipolar stepper motors, including a pair of Nema-11 JK28HS51–674 for the X and Y axes, and a single LC1574W-04–025 for the Z-axis. A single Turnigy 2632 1000 kV outrunner brushless motor is used for the spindle head, which is controlled by an ECS, while the bipolar series use regular motor drivers. An STM32-based microcontroller runs the show, and most of the CNC mill use 3D-printed parts, which helps keep costs low.

The Compact PCB Maker is aligned using a USB micro camera that’s mapped using the bCNC software suite. The Ant Team has uploaded a repository for the mill on their Bitbucket page, complete with files folders, schematics, code, and a heavily detailed wiki that covers every facet of the machine. They also have a YouTube channel detailing the mill’s creation and its capabilities, as well as a Reddit community that offers support and interaction with different projects. Sadly, for the those who don’t own a 3D printer, the Ant Team does not provide the Compact PCB Maker for sale, even in kit form.

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