DIY license plate reader with a Raspberry Pi and machine learning

In this blog we take you through the journey of developing a computer vision based license plate reader from scratch using the Raspberry Pi SBC.

Thinking About Making Your Own Raspberry Pi Compute Module Carrier Board?

In this blog we guide you though the process of prototyping your own single board compute module PCB by forking an open source hardware design.

LSTM to predict Dow Jones Industrial Average: A Time Series forecasting model

Here, we will experiment with the LSTM network and historical data since 2000, and investigate that, how accurately we can predict future Closing price.

Guide to build Faster RCNN in PyTorch

Faster R-CNN is one of the first frameworks which completely works on Deep learning. It is built upon the knowledge of Fast RCNN which indeed built upon the ideas of RCNN and SPP-Net.

DIY Desktop-Sized PCB Milling Machine

An open source electronics team known as the Ant Team has designed a new desktop PCB CNC mill capable of producing single or double-layer boards, which is a far cry from traditional machines that are large and can cost a fortune.

The Complete DevOps RoadMap

Today I am going to share with you an awesome resource that will help you to become the DevOps Engineer you always wanted to be, the 2020 DevOps RoadMap.